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A mouthful of Naxos
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A mouthful of Naxos

As you probably know already, gastronomy is a huge chapter in the Greek tradition. Starting from the ancient times up until today’s Greece, food has always been a factor of good health, a token of love, a means of pleasure, representing so much more than just a necessity.

In the mostly dry and arid climate of the Cyclades, Naxos presents a big exception as well as a big surprise just waiting to be discovered. With its forests, rivers, waterfalls, olive groves, marble quarries, vineyards and livestock, this is the largest and most fertile island in the Cyclades. Naxos has always been gifted with abundance and is deeply appreciated by those who value the blessed land and all its produce, the authenticity of warm-hearted people and a strong folklore element.


Relish the opportunity to explore the island that keeps people coming back for more. With history that dates back thousands of years and continues throughout modern times, as well as a plethora of myths to feed the imagination, it’s no wonder why Naxos has loyal fans all over the world.

With a vast coastline, mountains and gorges, plains and farmlands, beautiful secluded beaches and more than 40 villages and settlements, each one with its own character, cultural and culinary traditions, you will quickly understand that there is good reason why Naxos has gained such popularity over the recent years. Even before becoming well-known abroad, Naxos was a synonym for good food among Greek people.


From North to South, East to West, Naxos integrates countless treasures and numerous different worlds that can’t be explored in a single day. However, you can rest assured that whether you opt for our full-day tours or shorter visits to the exclusive destinations we have in store for you, we’ll make sure that you learn everything you want to know about the island and enjoy an unforgettable experience that will remain etched in your mind forever.

Trust Philema Food Tours to guide you in your journey through the most interesting folklore and culinary landmarks of this beautiful island, in private food & culture activities, carefully planned to the last detail to suit your style and preferences. Escape the crowds and enjoy Naxos at your own pace. Go off the beaten path and get to know local life behind the scenes. Learn about the island’s traditions and character from real-life people and enjoy being immersed into the local culture.

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5 star rating
Fantastic way to get to see another side of Naxos Alex and the whole wonderful group gave me one of the most lovely experiences of my entire visit to Naxos. Not only did I get to experience the island beyond the tourist side, they ALL treated me as if I was among friends. At each stop I was impressed by how much the farming and vineyard management were labors of love and how the techniques are in concert with the planet and not exploiting what we’ve been given. Fun, educational and life enhancing.5 stars! Thank you
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10 months ago
We value and honor our providers and consider them equal members of Philema Food Tours. We leave zero footprint, and we only support vendors and practices that contribute to a sustainable touristic development, trying not to intervene or alter the places we visit.

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