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Olive Harvest Day

Special Event

Olive Harvest Day

Another yearly event that allows guests to take part in a local tradition. A great opportunity for visitors of Naxos, especially ones particularly interested in this precious gift of nature, to participate in this rewarding experience, to learn every step of the process, to interact with locals and to feel part of the community.

Guests will firstly visit a very productive olive garden in the tiny village of Mili, where they will help the family collect this year’s olive production. The process includes laying some special nets on the ground and carefully removing the olives off the branches using special sticks. The olives are collected in sacks and then the team will transfer them in one of the five modern day olive presses on Naxos, located outside the nearby village of Melanes. The young owner of the facility who continues the family tradition will explain everything about the process to our guests. Many local producers will be there as well, waiting for their batch of olives to be crushed and trying to chat over the loud machines.

Guests will be able to witness the olive oil production, learn about quality characteristics, interact with locals and taste a lot of olive oil!

Please note
  • This event is estimated to be held early October 2023
  • The exact dates and per person pricing will be announced late September 2023
Price includes

Wine, spirits and snacks are of course an inextricable part of the process as well.