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Full Moon Wine & Dine at the Vineyard

Special Event

Full Moon Wine & Dine at the Vineyard

Take the opportunity to enjoy a moonlit dinner and wine tasting in a family vineyard, just 10 minutes away from the buzz of Naxos Town.

Konstantinos, the young wine maker, continues the family tradition, adding his own touch at the same time and welcomes you to a journey in the world of greek wine. Other than a passionate wine maker, your host is also a greek wine connoisseur, who will surprise you with his expertise and guide you through your exploration of greek wines.

After welcoming you to the vineyard with a bite and a glass of refreshing sparkling wine, the avid producer will take you for a walk around his dear vines and vegetable garden, show you the old pressing machine and discuss indigenous varieties and particularities of terroir.

Having enjoyed a 40minute walk around the vineyard, you’ll then sit down at the joined table for an extensive and delicious food and wine pairing session.

At each serving you will be presented with facts and stories about the products you taste. Learn what Naxians eat, as well as why and when. Taste the dishes that help the island stand out as a foodie destination and discover its abundance in local produce and longstanding culinary traditions.

Find out about the story behind each wine and winemaker and taste their products from a whole new perspective, while witnessing the beauty of the rising full moon in the background. Discover exactly just how important the moon cycle is to farming of all sorts and how it determines the life of producers.

Enjoy a plentiful dinner made up with Naxian signature dishes and experience the Greek vineyard in your glass, in this tribute to local culture, gastronomy and natural wines.

Join us for an ode to the full moon, with a careful selection of 7 wines as the night’s only stars!

Please note

  • Dinner includes a variety of Naxian recipes: A set table with plateaus of local cheeses, olives, cold cuts and bread baskets, followed by 3 starters, one salad and one main dish (meaty or vegetarian – please let us know).
  • Please inform us of any dietary restrictions so that we can adjust our menu accordingly.
  • Wine tasting includes a selection of 7 natural wines (ranging from sparkling to dessert wines, organic and biodynamic, with indigenous yeast, unfiltered and SO2 free), along with one local spirit to pair with dessert.
  • Our special events are usually shared, however, they can sometimes be arranged as a private special occasion on different dates. Please contact us at for more information.
Main dates for 2024
  • May 23rd
  • June 22nd
  • July 21st
  • August 19th
  • September 18th
In case of high demand

the event can be repeated on the nights that precede and follow the full moon night (2024 example: September 17th & September 19th)