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Jen Harris Anders Avatar
Jen Harris Anders
We went on the best cheese and wine tour in Naxos. Five hours flew by with a visit and experience of cheese making,... read more
5 months ago
Love2Travel_Illinois Avatar
5 star rating
Family Farm Tour of Naxos Family of four (12 and 9 year olds) had an amazing day exploring inner Naxos. This was truly a unique experience we never could... read more
7 months ago
Nikos Mvr Avatar
Nikos Mvr
Φοβερη εμπειρία , δοκιμάστε την👌👋
7 months ago
js1923 Avatar
5 star rating
Great Tour My wife and son (age 10) and I did what was called the Philema 'Kids First" tour. We went to a small family farm... read more
7 months ago
Cgallagher1113 Avatar
5 star rating
Best part of the trip- food tour The best! We had such an amazing time on this tour. We were taken to a small village to meet a... read more
7 months ago
Taylor Hurwitz Avatar
Taylor Hurwitz
My husband and I took a half day wine and olive oil tour with Philema Food Tours, and had an incredible time. Eleni and... read more
9 months ago
Kiriaki Cherouvim Avatar
Kiriaki Cherouvim
Είχαμε μια μοναδική, γεμάτη εμπειρίες ημέρα. Η Ελένη μας ξενάγησε και μας έδειξε πράγματα που δεν θα είχαμε ανακαλύψει μόνοι μας! Ευχαριστούμε πολύ!!
1 year ago
Derval Cromie Avatar
Derval Cromie
A custom Naxian food & wine pairing evening in a local vineyard, put together by Eleni and her business partner Konstantinos from the CAVA... read more
1 year ago
Rhalee Hughes Perry Avatar
Rhalee Hughes Perry
Eleni created a full-day CUSTOM CHEESE and food tour for our family of 4: 2 parents, 1 child (age 8), 1 grandparent, and each... read more
1 year ago
Miki Hershey Boyer Avatar
Miki Hershey Boyer
Top notch. This was one of the best tours I've been on in Europe. Highly recommend! Loved the quaint settings and personal... read more
1 year ago
Sharon B Avatar
Sharon B
5 star rating
Incredible Tour with Eleni! Our family of 6 adults spent an incredible 10 hours with Eleni on a custom tour. We didn't know what to expect. I... read more
1 year ago
AlleyArch30 Avatar
5 star rating
The best day ever The tour allowed us to glimpse the life of the real Naxos. It was the first thing we did when we arrived, and it... read more
1 year ago
Laura G Avatar
Laura G
5 star rating
Mandatory Naxos Experience Eleni just blew us away with our custom tour. I can only describe it as the perfect tour. We have been all over Europe... read more
1 year ago
dervdublin Avatar
5 star rating
An unforgettable evening of food & wine in a sunny vineyard - with a most passionate & knowledgeable winemaker The event : A custom Naxian food & wine pairing evening in a local vineyard, put together by Eleni and her business partner Konstantinos... read more
1 year ago
Andrea Lampert Avatar
Andrea Lampert
Loved everything about the Cheese & Wine Tour — definitely a highlight of our entire trip. Eleni is awesome: so fun to... read more
1 year ago
Brittney Einwag Avatar
Brittney Einwag
5 star rating
Best tour in Naxos! We had the absolute best experience on our Cheese & Wine tour with Eleni! She went above and beyond to show us everything we... read more
1 year ago
mehaul11 Avatar
5 star rating
Naxian Hospitality Eleni was a great guide. Communication prior to the tour was prompt and superb. The tour was well thought out and structured.... read more
1 year ago
Traci G Avatar
Traci G
5 star rating
A must-do for those wanting a truly authentic local experience (+ amazing food and wine!) Put simply, there’s a reason this tour is rated 5.0 – it is one of THE best tours we have done anywhere in the... read more
1 year ago